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Kebekelektrik - Kebekelektrik

Les Disques Direction - 1977

Michael Panontin
The Italian-born Pat Deserio was just seven years old when he left the tiny village of Montelongo and landed with his family in a teeming, vibrant Montreal. It wouldn't take long for the newly arrived kid to discover his love of music, and by the early seventies, after having amassed a substantial collection of records, Deserio began what would become a long and fruitful career as a deejay, producer and label exec. For its population, Montreal was the undisputed disco capital of North America, and by 1977 the ever-creative deejay was starting to elbow his way onto the increasingly crowded scene there, issuing a string of funky dance-floor fillers under the names Dogs of War, Bombers and of course Kebekelektrik.

Released in 1977 on the tiny Disques Direction imprint, the self-titled Kebekelektrik was a virtual homage to Giorgio Moroder with its novel cache of glitzy, throbbing synthlines and proto-cosmic grooves. The savvy Deserio was always just one step ahead of the curve, beating out French pioneers Space with a version of their uber-cool 'Magic Fly' before the band themselves could release theirs in Quebec, and scoring a funked-up, if somewhat cheesy, rendition of Ravel's 'Bolero' a couple of years before of all those Bo Derek associations. Even better here is the Gino Soccio co-penned 'War Dance', a sparkling electro workout that hints at all those Italo-disco tracks to come. So no surprise, then, that Kebekelektrik found favour in clubs outside Quebec too, with a Tom Moulton remixed version finding its way into shops in the U.S., Britain and, of course, Italy.

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