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Race Marbles

Race Marbles - Like a Dribbling Fram / Someday (the World Will Be as Lovely as Before) - 7

Like a Dribbling Fram / Someday (the World Will Be as Lovely as Before) - 7"
Capitol - 1965

Michael Panontin
The mid-1950s to the early seventies were not only the heyday of the forty-five but also the time of hit novelty records, from Buchanan and Goodman's 'Flying Saucer' all the way through to Rick Dees' 'Disco Duck'. Toronto DJ Garry Ferrier over at the powerful CHUM-AM issued a string of demented hits himself, ostensibly as a promotional device for the station - his goofy 'Ringo-Deer' (on Capitol) skated along both the Christmas season and Beatlemania to a comfy #10 on the CHUM charts in late 1964.

By 1965, December to be precise, with Dylan having already plugged in his guitar and caused a storm that year with his Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited LPs, Ferrier unleashed his own send-up of his Bobness' #3 (Can) hit 'Like a Rolling Stone'. As the fictitious studio band Race Marbles, he recorded the nonsensical spoof 'Like a Dribbling Fram', a mostly-forgotten top-40 song that was resurrected in the early eighties as the closer to the original Pebbles Vol. 3 - the Acid Gallery only to slip back into the dustbin of forgotten gems once more. And once you get past the twaddle (try these lyrics on for size: "How is your bird? / I said, how is your bird? / Are you cleaving your scram? / Is your clam in a jam? / Like a dribbling fram."), this one is actually more apple wine than acid. Either way, if you keep your tongue planted firmly in cheek, 'Like a Dribbling Fram' is still a bit of a laugh.

('Like a Dribbling Fram' managed at least three different pressings: its original Canadian Capitol release, a relatively common U.S. issue on Tower and a hyper-rare Capitol version released the same year down under in Australia.)

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