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Gilles Vigneault

Gilles Vigneault - Enregistre a Paris

Enregistre a Paris
Columbia - 1966

Michael Panontin
Released the same year as Gilles Vigneault's iconic Mons Pays LP, Enregistre a Paris finds the Quebecois chansonnier in the City of Lights, where he was starting to perform with increasing regularity. As on earlier records, Vigneault's compositions are paired with the buttery orchestrations of arranger Gaston Rachon, with whom Vigneault often collaborated. Vigneault at this point was still a relative unknown on the banks of the Seine, so the inclusion once again here of the arresting 'Mons Pays' (which originally found favour in Europe the year before, with a version sung by Monique Leyrac taking the top prize at the International Song Contest in Sopot, Poland) is hardly a surprise. For the most part, the record features more of Vigneault's traditional boite-friendly chansons, including early hits 'Jean-du-Sud' and 'La danse a Saint-Dilon', but the syrupy crooner 'Doux' and the affecting 'Pendant que' show the master digging deeper into the emotions, and are thus a pure pleasure to hear.

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