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Tim Gilbertson

Tim Gilbertson - Palisades

Pop Echo - 2010

Michael Panontin
Power-pop of the subtler kind often takes a back seat to the more gonad-fuelled, post-Pavement sorts, so the arrival of a single like Tim Gilbertson's 'Chipped Teeth' definitely comes as a pleasant surprise. Its breathy vocal seems to waft effortlessly around the lo-fi guitars and straight-up drumming. The Edmonton-based lad - and he's barely into his twenties - who wrote the entirety of his sophomore LP Palisades (on which 'Chipped Teeth' appears), still demurs somewhat at the notion that he's any sort of songwriter/extraordinaire. "I may have written the songs initially on my own, but they really get transformed as a group. The influence of the other bandmates' styles really pulls the record around a lot more." And this is especially true elsewhere on Palisades. The mostly rustic, guitar-driven sound is gussied up somewhat with more urbane creative touches, like the slight Glockenspiel on 'You're Out There', or the nifty keyboard on 'Return to Sender'. Nice.


     Tim Gilbertson
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