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Wolf Parade

Wolf Parade - Wolf Parade EP

Wolf Parade EP
Sub Pop - 2005

Michael Panontin
Wolf Parade was formed when fellow British Columbians Dan Boekner (ex-Atlas Strategic) and (former Frog Eyes member) Spencer Krug hooked up in Hipsterville, Quebec, a.k.a. Montreal, way back in 2003. Along with Hadji Bakara and Arlen Thompson, the band made an auspicious splash on a scene already flooded with talent, playing their first gig with the pre-stratospheric Arcade Fire, and then issuing a pair of independent EPs in 2003 and 2004.

On their third EP here, Wolf Parade make their official U.S. and, by extension, international debut on Sub Pop, pairing a couple of tracks recorded in Montreal ('Shine a Light' and 'Disco Sheets') with two more recorded with Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock out at Audible Alchemy in Portland, Oregon. This set is rife with such millennial indie-rock touchstones as scruffy guitar, crashing drumbeats and that alternating fragile/falsetto vocal. 'Shine a Light' and the jerky 'Disco Sheets' are memorable enough, though for my money there is nothing here with the manic urgency of 'Fancy Claps' or the punchy quirk of 'It's a Curse' from the band's soon-to-follow long-playing debut Apologies to Queen Mary.


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