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Stars - Ageless Beauty +2 EP

Ageless Beauty +2 EP
City Slang / Arts and Crafts - 2005

Michael Panontin
A charming EP, this is, clocking in at just over eleven minutes of blissful, airy pop. 'Ageless Beauty', taken from Stars' massively successful long-player Set Yourself on Fire, anchors the disc, its driving, potent rhythms girding the catchy hooks and luscious vocals. A stunner of a song, though a shame that most of the world experienced it buried within the album (fabulous though it is) rather than in the simplicity of the single, 7" or CD. 'Petit Mort', on the flip, takes us back to 1979 or 1980, with angular guitars and nervous rhythms - a nice dancefloor track. The Most Serene Republic's remix of 'Ageless Beauty' is stark and sublime, its instrumental parts stripped to piano and acoustic guitar, laying bare Amy Millan's lovely ethereal performance. A perfect pop disc - and well worth the effort to track down.




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