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Do Make Say Think

Do Make Say Think - Other Truths

Other Truths
Constellation - 2009

Michael Panontin
Toronto's post-rock stalwarts Do Make Say Think plough ahead on their sixth LP with more of their stock-in-trade instrumental fare. Here, though, on Other Truths the bucolic guitar and wistful horns of 2007's excellent You, You're a History in Rust have been toughened up somewhat, with the record sporting a messier, more electric sound. The band seem to be getting back to their space-rock origins, paring things down to four tracks, each clocking in at around ten minutes apiece and simply titled 'Do', 'Make', 'Say' and 'Think'.

The opener 'Do' kicks things off - or even better dropkicks things off - with a wallop of guitar and horns. The sweeping crescendo near the middle of the piece is so intense that it almost lays claim to the space-rock throne once occupied by Efrim Menuk et al down the St. Lawrence. Ditto for 'Make', a sonic meltdown softened somewhat by horns and backing vocals (the latter by Akron/Family and Hrsta). But the highlight of the disc is most certainly the soaring twelve-minute epic 'Say', which tempers its syncopated rhythms and sweeping guitars with gorgeous brass lines of almost transcendent beauty.

Other Truths is most definitely tonic for the faithful, but this may even bring some unbelievers into the fold.


     Do Make Say Think

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