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Holy Fuck

Holy Fuck - LP

Young Turks - 2007

Michael Panontin
Fortune smiled early on Holy Fuck after hip hop artist Beans caught their raucous live set at the 2005 Pop Montreal festival and invited them as his backing band at California's Coachella gathering later that year. Operating under the admirable caveat of "no laptops", these Toronto-based lads and their barrage of improvised analog electronics have since matured by leaps and bounds leading to their second full-length, the drolly titled LP.

With the songs cut live in the studio while the band were on tour, and spanning several recording sessions with differing line-ups, the record's mottled quality should surprise no one. Frontmen Brian Borcherdt and Graham Walsh's penchant for scavenging has netted the band a veritable arsenal of offbeat contraptions, from toy phaser guns and a 35mm film sequencer to a Revlon MS-2000 Hair Computer pilfered from a trash heap. And this everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach surfaces all over LP, where pummelling krautrock ('Super Inuit', 'The Pulse') goes head to head with aggressive eighties industrial ('Milkshake') and even some lithe pop (where Owen Pallett lends his strings to the single, 'Lovely Allen'). The muffled production aside, LP's careening chaos is like a furious electronic kick to the head. File this one alongside Neu, Suicide or Trans Am.



     Holy Fuck

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