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La Nouvelle Frontiere

La Nouvelle Frontiere - La Nouvelle Frontiere

La Nouvelle Frontiere
Gamma - 1970

Michael Panontin
From the eastern Montreal area of Point-aux-trembles, La Nouvelle Frontiere formed in 1968 when the Seguin twins, Richard and Marie-Claire, met up with guitarist/songwriter Robert Letendre while performing around town at local boites like La Patriote. Unknown outside Quebec, and virtually forgotten within, the band issued a pair of middling LPs in 1970 before dropping off into the trash bin of pop history. And though mostly detritus, once sifted through and dusted off, La Nouvelle Frontiere reveals shards of psychedelic curios with a Gallic twist, like the effusive guitar-keyboard workout 'Funky Monkey' or the ethereal textures of 'Pacification', where Marie-Claire's haunting vocal lends an almost cinematic touch. The Seguin siblings found success later on in the seventies as Les Seguins, eventually collaborating with Harmonium's Serge Fiori on the Deux Cents Nuits a L'Heure LP in 1977, while keyboardist Normand Theroux would later resurface in the more prog-friendly Le Match. Both records were reissued on a single CD (Gamma) in 1993 and then more recently as individual discs (Pid), mainly thanks to the popularity of 'La ballade des bourgeois' off the follow-up L'Hymne aux Quenouilles, which found its way onto radio playlists in la belle province back in the day.


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