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Odette Doiley

Odette Doiley - Comin' at You Boy / Comin' at You Boy (instrumental) - 12

Comin' at You Boy / Comin' at You Boy (instrumental) - 12"
Metro Sounds International - 1987

Michael Panontin
The back cover describes Odette Doiley as "sixteen years old, a native of Toronto of West Indian parents", which is about as much as the internet gives up on the young lady. It appears she was active in the latter part of the eighties, issuing another single as just Odette, one as Midnight Groove featuring Odette and, if it is indeed the same person, a few reggae-tinged discs as Oddett. The bouncy 'Comin' at You Boy' was her first release and finds her working a cool new jack swing/electro groove with an equally mysterious producer named Carl Ottway (bed tracks recorded at World Wide Studio and mixing at Wellesley Sounds). Those who can remember back to 1987 and that fine string of singles Joyce Sims made with Mantronix will probably get a thrill or two here. There is even a professionally shot video for this floating around the web, which according to at least one blogdog out there was aired on Michael Williams' iconic MuchMusic show Soul in the City.

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