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Kappa Chow

Kappa Chow - Jump / SBTD - 7

Jump / SBTD - 7"
Kiss the Void - 2015

Michael Panontin
Kappa Chow's first slab of wax was the menacingly titled 'Punk as Fuck' seven-inch, a cool but rather muffled lo-fi jam that was more basement than garage and, frankly, could just as well have stayed there. Their second, the more polished 'Jump', finds the pride of Sackville, NB taking a turn down slower, more psychedelic avenues. The pleasantly plodding a-side packs some pounding drums, scathing guitars and a weirdly detached vocal that somehow manages to connect the seemingly disparate dots of the decibel-pushing MBV and their softer, more ethereal dream pop stablemates. Like its predecessor, 'Jump' is a strictly limited concern - this time just 200 numbered copies - so all you shoegazers had better look up and get moving if you want one.

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