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The Trifids

The Trifids - Brainbroom / Invincible - 7

Brainbroom / Invincible - 7"
Scarab - 1983

Michael Panontin
The Trifids were essentially the same unknown Czech woman behind the equally demented and hopelessly obscure One of You, who issued a couple of singles a few years prior to this featuring a terminally depressive Eastern European voice (complete with faulty grammar and imperfect pronunciation) droning on about life's insurmountable difficulties above a haunting church organ. It was either a parody worthy of SCTV or the ultimate outsider art depending on which side of the immigrant experience you fell on. A third single was issued in 1983 as the (appropriately misspelled) Trifids on the same Ottawa-based Scarab label, this time a couple of weird synth/drum instrumentals, the better of which is the snappy 'Brainbroom', a sort-of naive prog that must have been as uncool in 1983 as it is interesting today. All three Trifids/One of You singles were issued on a limited-edition One of You LP by those bottom-fishers over at Portland's Little Axe Records (God bless them...really!).

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