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M1 - Feel the Drums 12

Feel the Drums 12" EP
Emotive - 1991

Michael Panontin
Those lucky Toronto clubkids who trolled places like the Boom Boom Room and the Claremont on Queen West or RPM and the Diamond club downtown probably sweated a drop or two to M1's classic acid-house track Feel the Drums. The neophyte Toronto deejay, who now goes by Matteo DiMarr, dropped this record just as the club scene there was starting to toddle, and amazingly scored a massive hit on his very first release. It wasn't long before DiMarr had formed his own label, Jinxx records, issuing dance grooves throughout the nineties from the likes of Paul Jacobs, Kenny Glasgow, Jacksoul and Nick Holder. His own 1997 scorcher 'Electronic Funk' also scored huge and was no doubt a precursor to the electro scene that followed. Toronto's reputation as a centre for EDM music is now undisputed, but without pioneers like DiMarr, things might have ended up differently.

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