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Biggy Twiggy Band

Biggy Twiggy Band - Mama Won't Let You b/w I Don't Want That to Change - 7

Mama Won't Let You b/w I Don't Want That to Change - 7"
Westmount - 1975

Robert Williston
Singer and bandleader Skip Pollard moved to Calgary in 1971 and formed the Biggy Twiggy Band to tour between Thunder Bay and Vancouver. This undiscovered gem, the band's lone seven-inch, was recorded at an old refurbished church for Peter Bentley's Calgary-based Westmount label, known more for country music than for stellar funk/soul dancefloor monsters like this. 'Mama Won't Let You' has a nice seventies funk sound with great falsetto vocals. A real dancer! The flip, 'I Don't Want That to Change', is a smooth upbeat seventies soul ballad with an amazing horn section and vocals.

Though both sides are credited to Pollard alone, guitarist Lou DeAdder recalls, "I wrote the chord structure/arrangement for the b-side 'I Don't Want That to Change'. Leo Sullivan wrote all the horn section stuff for both tunes. Skip Pollard wrote the words and melody for the b-side. The a-side was written by an American artist. The single made it onto the charts in Calgary and Edmonton - somewhere around the 30 mark." And apparently the lads made sartorial statements as well. "...With the Biggy Twiggy Band we wore many strange outfits. Skip would see something in a magazine or catalogue and send the picture to this woman in Thunder Bay that made us all costumes - that's what they were, costumes, not clothes".

A near-mint copy of 'Mama Won't Let You' sold for $125 in 2010

Robert Williston's site is at www.mocm.ca

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