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The Mods

The Mods - Step Out Tonight b/w You Use Me - 7

Step Out Tonight b/w You Use Me - 7"
Mod - 1978

Robert Williston
The Mods - Greg Trinier (vocals), Scott Marks (guitar), Mark Dixon (bass) and David Quinton (drums) - were one of Toronto's leading power-pop/punk bands of the late 70s. As well as headlining at clubs like The Horseshoe and The Edge, they opened for the Police, Ultravox, Squeeze and the Specials at larger venues. The band enjoyed plenty of local media support in the press and on radio, touring throughout 1978 and '79 across Canada and the mid-western United States (sometimes with Teenage Head).

This 1978 seven-inch was their only release at the time, but was enough to net the lads an appearance in Colin Brunton's movie The Last Pogo - a filmed document of the Toronto punk scene. 'Step Out Tonight' 's crunching chords and blistering drumroll make it one of the better punk singles to come out of Canada back then, though Trinier's vocals - more weird than quirky - may turn off a few ears. The flipside manages to ratchet up the energy a notch, but is mostly standard-issue mod. Still, this would have been a well-spent two bucks at the time.

Although the band had an LP in the can by 1979, it unfortunately "became mired in a haze of failed expectations and legal difficulties involving CBS records". The 1995 CD Twenty 2 Months contained the album plus an assortment of demos and live tracks. All of the original members of the Mods recently reunited on November 26, 2006 for their first appearance in 26 years.

Robert Williston's site is at www.mocm.ca

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