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The Bureaucrats

The Bureaucrats - Feel the Pain / Grown Up Age - 7

Feel the Pain / Grown Up Age - 7"
VIP - 1980

Michael Panontin
For would-be punks, late seventies Ottawa was a bit of a dead zone until the Rotters Club opened its doors on Bank Street. But with bands like the Action already creating a bit of a fuss with their glam/punk anthem 'TV's on the Blink', and local upstarts like the Red Squares and the Bureaucrats starting to make some noise, the din was hard to ignore. The Bureaucrats - actually more mod than punk - had the honours of both opening and closing the infamous club in its short heyday. Formed by the British-born Sidwell brothers, Gaz and Mitch, on vocals and guitar, with guitarist Joe Frey, bassist Lamont Porter (born Grant Bucosky) and drummer Wayne Johnson rounding things out, the Bureaucrats held the capital city in its thrall with their constant sell-outs and this highly collectible piece of wax.

Recorded in December 1979 at Passeport Studios and featuring David Wales' ultra-mod sleeve design, the record melds punchy power pop with more aggressive mod rock. 'Feel the Pain', though a tad long by punk standards of the day, flaunts its Jam influence with pummeling guitar and drums. 'Grown Up Age', over on the back side, is more of the same, though with Gaz's scowl a little thick on the Cockney vowels. The band even got to back up such heavyweights as Bauhaus and long-forgotten acts like the Members and the Payolas, but alas the usual squabbles and radio reticence saw the lads pack it in the following year in 1981.

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