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Atomic 7

Atomic 7 - She's Got Haggar Slacks / Regret Nothing - 7

She's Got Haggar Slacks / Regret Nothing - 7"
Eleganza - 1998

Michael Panontin
Formed in Toronto by ex-Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet guitarist Brian Connelly, the all-instrumental Atomic 7 got down to business from the get-go with this nifty seven-inch debut. Featuring the Sadies' bassist Sean Dean, as well as Neil Bartley on the skins, Atomic 7 carry the torch where there illustrious forebears left off. Though there are no songwriting credits on either track, 'She's Got Haggar Slacks' sports some swell western twang that by rights ought to have hipsters and country folk up on the floor at the same time. Over on the flip, the moodier groove of 'Regret Nothing' takes us back to the glorious instrumentals of the early sixties with Dean's bass plucking holding up the show rather well. A re-recorded 'She's Got Haggar Slacks' would find its way onto the band's long delayed digital debut, the full-length ...Gowns by Edith Head CD, issued on Vancouver's Mint Records in late 2002, while a second version of 'Regret Nothing' showed up years later on 2007's ...Something For The Girl With Everything (Eleganza).


     Atomic 7

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